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As ever, we are able to tell you of wonderful things that have happened in Welles’ memory this year. Because of your tremendous generosity, and the fine event planning and fund-raising efforts of Welles’ friends, we continue to fund scholarships, special projects and other not-for-profit organizations in this country and around the world.

This year’s Birchwood Awards were presented in June to two most deserving Nyack HS seniors, Allison Colsey and Kevin McCabe. The Red Bandanna Scholarship at Rockland Conservatory of Music presented last October, funded the award recipient’s schooling for the year. Last September,  Teacher Recognition Awards were created by Tribute WTC Visitors Center at Ground Zero for teachers from around the world who have made a significant contribution in teaching 9/11 history. The trust funded one of these awards. The 3rd Annual Welles Remy Crowther Service Award at Boston College was presented in April to Joseph Dreeszen who directed the grant to St. Rose de Lima Catholic Church for their program to aid child victims of Katrina.

In the Spring 2007, two Nyack HS art students, with the guidance of teacher Ed Walsh, produced a fine documentary about Welles. Stive Lenick, composer of “One Red Bandanna”, used in the video, and his wife attended the screening. In the Fall of 2007, members of Nyack’s Boys Varsity Lacrosse team, Eamon DePeter, coach and Nyack Lax teammate of Welles, assisted with NHS Memorial Garden planting and cleanup. The trust donated the team’s new equipment bags and in June, 2008 the Nyack Varsity Lacrosse Alumnae Game, organized by Coach DePeter, dedicated their game to Welles as a fund-raiser for the trust.

In the Fall of 2007, the trust sponsored the Walden Chamber Players, professional musicians, for an enrichment program for Nyack HS string students. The trust will sponsor an expanded version of this program for Fall 2008.

Welles was a member of Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (VAASA) and, during high school, he went into the elementary schools to speak to students about drug abuse. In Dec, 2007, Alison was invited to speak about Welles to students from 6 different Rockland High Schools for a VAASA training program. In April, she spoke to religion classes at Cristo Rey New York High School and to a freshman English Class at Boston College.

The Crowthers continue to assist with tours of Ground Zero, sharing Welles’ story with large tour groups of all ages from around the world. We give out red bandannas to those who hear his story, and all are deeply moved.

With the growing success of the Red Bandanna Run at Boston College, sponsored by BC’s Volunteer and Service Learning Center, Dan Ponsetto, Director and his right hand, Kate Daly, and our team of Jessica Alberti, Paige Crowther, Marielle Sack, Chris and Kate Ferrarone, George Leuchs and Jody Steinglass, and support from many of Welles’ friends from Nyack and BC, we contributed to two new charities based in the Boston area. The Run has become the single largest fund-raiser for the trust. The trust funded a therapeutic riding summer program for 12 physically challenged youngsters and Project Generation Excel, a program for inner city youth who have been involved with the court system.

We continue to increase our support for MetroLacrosse, a skills and character development program for Boston area inner city youngsters. Mile # 19 was dedicated to Welles’ memory in a MetroLacrosse fund-raising marathon, part of the opening ceremonies for the Men’s NCAA Lacrosse Finals at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Boston College’s Men’s Lacrosse Alumnae game, organized by Patrick McCavanagh, is now held in memory of Welles. The original “Who’s on First,” now held at Vintage Lounge in the financial district of Boston, organized by Matt O’Keefe and John Howells and the annual BC reunion golf tourney, The Crowther Cup at Redtail, hosted by Jon Drake and organized by George Leuchs, have continued as fund-raisers for many years.

There were two fund-raisers in April. The 6th Annual Nyack Ice Hockey Alumnae Game, organized by the Scott and Varmon families, continues to be a marvelous reunion of many of Welles’ ice hockey friends. The Clarkstown Capitals, a youth ice hockey program, aged 7 to 17, was invited to participate in an “All Stars” game prior to the alumnae game. It was very exciting to see the young boys and girls play. The second annual Wine tasting event at Bayard’s in NYC, organized by Marielle Sack and Michael Barch in April, was great and elegant fun, offering up marvelous wines, delicious food and a fabulous silent auction. Both events were tremendously successful. The trust is very fortunate to have two very talented, dedicated and generous webmasters, Verne “Mac” MacDonald, who designs and updates our official Crowthertrust website, and Jody Steinglass, who designs and updates the Red Bandanna Run website and other special events, such as Bayard’s and the Red Bandanna Skate.

This year, the Red Bandanna Service Award was instituted at the Bonnie Brae Polo Classic. The inaugural recipient of this recognition was Ashley Lauren Fisher, a courageous and gifted young woman who suffered catastrophic spinal cord injury and has gone on to establish a not for profit organization for young women who have suffered the same injury. The grant is given to Bonnie Brae, a school for troubled boys that the trust has supported since its inception.

This August, another first! Toni Curry and her son, Timothy Curry, a friend and fellow BC lacrosse teammate of Welles, instituted the Inaugural Chilmark Red Bandanna Runners for the Chilmark (Martha’s Vineyard, MA) 5k Road Race, a 31-year- old Chilmark tradition. There were about 60 Runners wearing red bandannas and Red Bandanna Runner t-shirts and a marvelous story appeared in the Vineyard Gazette! Alison ran (and finished, not last !!) What a great day! We hope to turn this event into a fund-raiser for the trust next year!

Marielle Sack and her friend, Rob, will be running in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 2 and will raise money for Welles’ trust through sponsorships. Go Marielle!!!

Upcoming Events
The 7th Annual Concert for Remembrance, 9/11 will be held on Sunday, September 14, 5 pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 130 First Avenue, Nyack. As always, the free admission concert will be a beautiful gift to the community from the many fine professional musicians who volunteer their time for the concert. Please visit our website, www.crowthertrust.org, for details.
The 4th Annual Welles Remy Crowther BC ’99 Red Bandanna 5k Run will be held Saturday, October 25 at Boston College, race start time is 9:00 am. Day-of Registration will open at 7:30 am. For complete information, online registration or to sponsor a runner or donate, please visit our Run website, www.redbandannarun.com.
We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support! Please visit www.crowthertrust.org for a complete listing of all of the good works we are doing with the dollars you contribute every year. Along with our donations, goes Welles’ story, which is inspiring hearts of all ages, whenever it is heard. Thank you for keeping Welles’ spirit alive and working in others. Together we will all bring Good into this troubled world.


Warmest regards,

Alison and Jeff